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IWC CEO Christoph Grainger-Herr Explains How German Roots Give Top Swiss IWC Schaffhausen Replica Watches UK The Edge

French is known as the language of love, but it’s also the language of luxury, especially when it comes to high-end watchmaking… But in an industry full of French speakers, cheap UK replica IWC Schaffhausen watches stands out as a potently German-Swiss watchmaker – and it’s their Germanic culture that informs their drive to do things differently, IWC CEO Christoph Grainger-Herr tells DMARGE.

Switzerland, the centre of the global watch industry, is a baffling and unique little country. One of its defining traits is how it’s divided into four different linguistic and cultural regions: German, French, Italian and Romansh (a language that’s only spoken in Switzerland) – a reflection of the country’s location in the middle of Europe, sandwiched between great powers.

While German speakers make up the majority of the country, it’s the French-speaking part of Switzerland – the Romandie – that’s home to the vast majority of watchmakers. The Vallée de Joux, Neuchâtel, Geneva… This is the heart of the Swiss watch industry, and it beats with a French rhythm.

The Swiss talk about something they call the Röstigraben (literally, the “rösti ditch”): the cultural boundary between German and French Switzerland. Having lived in Switzerland myself, I can attest that while it might not be a tangible boundary, it’s a very potent one, and the high quality IWC fake watches world sits very firmly on the French side. The Germans might be known for being precise, orderly and efficient, but in Switzerland at least, it’s the French speakers that dominate the notoriously exacting and perfectionist watch industry.

Yet the French-Swiss don’t quite have a monopoly on luxury 1:1 IWC replica watches. Indeed, one of Switzerland’s best-known and respected luxury watchmakers, IWC Schaffhausen, is as Germanic as they come… And if you ask Christoph Grainger-Herr, the dynamic CEO of the 155-year-old brand, it’s precisely that Germanic character and status as somewhat of an outsider that makes IWC stand out from the pack.

“I think that [our] functional design spirit is very Teutonic, Germanic, however you want to call it… There is this close link,” Chris told me during an interview at Watches & Wonders Geneva earlier this year.

    “Of course, we have a close association with all of the southern German car industry and engineering that has always been right by Schaffhausen. That whole part of Europe, from Stuttgart down, is an entire area where engineering dominates.”

    Christoph Grainger-Herr

“We’re not coming from a métiers d’art, Calvinistic angle like the Romandie is. We’re coming from a kind of fine engineering, precision engineering angle – which brings in different people [and] different mindsets,” Chris explains.

It’s interesting to consider that connection to southern Germany’s big car makers when you consider Swiss made IWC copy watches’ long-running partnership with Mercedes-AMG – which is based only a few hours’ drive away across the border near Stuttgart.

“I always think back to myself. You know, I’m from an area in Germany where Dieter Rams was two villages along, you know. Hans Zimmer was from the village next door, and so was Günter Blümlein, the gentleman who ran IWC, A. Lange & Söhne and Jaeger-LeCoultre back in the day… This informed a way of thinking, of a reduced, functional, long-living design, respectful of its users, reduced to the essential.”

Chris isn’t being egocentric here when he talks about his influence. He’s unique in the world of luxury AAA replica IWC watches brand CEOs as he comes from a creative background: originally a designer and architect by trade, he first joined IWC when he was commissioned to create a museum for the brand. He never left, making his way up the ranks until finally becoming CEO in 2017.

Grainger-Herr’s background as a designer has had a marked effect on the watches IWC has produced since his tenure, which have been marked by an increased emphasis on design. Just think of IWC’s collaboration with Pantone on their ‘Colours of TOP GUN’ releases – or the high-profile re-release of the Swiss movements fake IWC Ingenieur watches this year, paying homage to the 1976 model designed by the legendary Gérald Genta.

Modern IWC has been a brand defined by its association with military tool IWC replica watches wholesale – but under Grainger-Herr, the brand has embarked on an exciting new design-led journey that’s shedding some of that militaristic character and instead focusing on pure, quite Bauhaus principles.

    “You know, [our watches] are not overflowing with decorations. There is a sort of epicureanism with them, sure, but also a solution-based kind of approach that informs our watchmaking – which has done so since the very first IWC watches.”

    Christoph Grainger-Herr

Chris, of course, is referring to IWC’s genesis – which, unlike many watch brands, wasn’t a particularly romantic origin story, but rather quite a practical one. In 1868, American watchmaker and engineer Florentine Ariosto Jones founded the International Watch Company in Schaffhausen for three main reasons: one, because there was abundant and cheap hydroelectricity generated by the nearby Rhine Falls; two, because Swiss labour was cheaper and more skilled than American labour at the time; and three, he didn’t need to pay as much tax.

But as any Swiss will tell you – French, German or otherwise – there’s nothing wrong with being canny in your business dealings, and we’re glad Jones made the leap to start making IWC super clone watches for sale in Switzerland, as almost two centuries later, the business he founded makes some of the coolest watches on the planet.

“I think this kind of pragmatism, in a sense, and this approach is still what drives our watchmaking today… [and] it is very differentiated from many of the other bands,” Chris suggests.

Something else that informs IWC’s unique approach to watchmaking as well as Chris’ impact on the business is how he actually designed IWC’s Manufakturzentrum, their beautiful and very modern new factory on the outskirts of the town of Schaffhausen where IWC now make all their replica IWC watches online. There’s probably no other watch CEO in the world who can boast such a claim…

Chris explains that his (and IWC’s) love of and commitment to functional design underpins the design of the factory itself, with the innovative factory devised to complement as well as inspire the China fake IWC watches being made within.

    “I always bring things back to the fact that we are in a non-essential business that makes an emotional product for people to fall in love with, and that has to resonate with the entire organization, start to finish.”

    Christoph Grainger-Herr

“I don’t want to have a front-of-house / back-of-house kind of idea where you have a face for the brand, and then behind closed doors, you have standard offices and industrial buildings and everything’s super generic… I want there to be total consistency between what you see in our online communication, advertising and PR and then when you come to our offices and factory, and the place that ultimately where our colleagues think up and make these 2023 IWC replica watches – that should be completely consistent with everything else. That’s the challenge,” he says.

    “Architecture has such a huge impact on how you feel how you’re lifted and elevated, or depressed. Stressful environments [like] hospitals, railway stations – they make you antisocial and aggressive. Whereas if you create a building that is a calm and positive place, people tend to feel good, they behave accordingly and can be more creative.”

    Christoph Grainger-Herr

“With the Manufakturzentrum, we wanted to first create a space for IWC that allows for watchmaking in the 21st century,” he elaborates. “All the traditional manufacturing buildings the way they’re set up? They’re not really suited to modern manufacturing processes. You need flexibility, an open plan, media available everywhere… It’s a completely different requirement today.”

“Then number two, I wanted to make sure it was really laid out in a sequential way. It’s actually the only [watch factory] where we really start with a rolled bar of metal and we ended up with a finished watch movement and finished watch case. And every step relates to the step before and the step after in a spatial, visual way.”

“That also means if there’s some coordination to be done between the workflows, people can talk to each other directly. They don’t have to go and find the property manager upstairs, downstairs, over to another building… They’re just there with each other, they can sort things out,” Chris explains.

“And then it needed to also represent the brand. So ultimately, we went for something that is a bit of an exhibition pavilion, with modernist architecture, a little bit sort of residential feel because I wanted this kind of world exhibition vibe. They’re always where you have the best of engineering, the best of art and design, being displayed to showcase to the world.”

    “It felt appropriate for what we’re doing because it’s somewhere between art and design.”

    Christoph Grainger-Herr

“I wanted the cleanliness of the engineering blended with a bit of warmth and a bit of welcoming… There are beautiful views of the environment, we’ve designed it in such a way that you don’t need shade all day, the blinds can stay open, there are big airy spaces, and it feels quality, you know? It doesn’t feel like somebody tried to build a factory as cheaply as possible. It feels like a place you enjoy spending time in… And then finally, it needed to be a visitor experience where people can get a really good glimpse of who we are and how we do stuff,” Chris rounds off.

Having visited the factory myself only a few days after speaking with Chris, I was totally impressed by the thoughtfulness – and how Germanic – its design was. Unlike the centuries-old workshops that dominate the best quality IWC fake watches manufactures of the Romandie, the IWC Manufakturzentrum is bright, logical and buzzing. It’s kind of got the same energy as an Apple Store, except with less frustrated customers and more friendly-faced watchmakers.

Despite being so ultra-modern, there was definitely a sense of Gemütlichkeit – a German concept that has no easy English translation but is best understood as a sense of cosiness, good cheer and well-being. It didn’t feel intimidating like some luxury watch factories or boutiques are. It felt quite honest. Serious, dedicated, beautiful, but honest. The same can be said about 1:1 quality IWC replica watches, too.

I asked Chris, what do you think is IWC’s big point of difference compared to other luxury watch brands? For him, the answer is obvious, and the brand’s German-Swiss identity is key to that answer.

    “I think that our starting point is not coming from simply this idea of watches being status symbols. We are coming from a fascination for certain product expression, which is talking about that engineering spirit; about the understated functional expression; about a certain reduction in design, and is sort of a no-nonsense kind of approach to watchmaking, in a sense.”

    Christoph Grainger-Herr

You can make all the jokes you want about the Germans or Swiss being no-nonsense… But I actually think this is all part of what makes IWC the brand that it is. Chris continues:

“But then, at IWC, it’s always combined with something very emotional. It’s always connected to a story. It’s connected to a feeling; it’s connected to an atmosphere that resonates with people differently. And I think in the end once people are attracted by something, they’ll connect with a brand and then it very quickly becomes a relationship. And I think that is a different starting point.”

“That’s why with the new IWC Ingenieur fake watches site, for example, you’re not coming to from the perspective of ‘ooh, it’s that status symbol I’m looking for’. You’re coming to it because it speaks to you on an emotional level.”

“For me, this is one of the nicest things, because it brings it together with people who find joy and passion in the products that they have. I think that is something we should foster more in the watch world. All of the rationalizations, talking about investment value, that’s fantastic, but let’s not forget what we’re doing, which is making emotional products that bring joy,” he concludes.

Coming from a Germanic background and having lived in German-speaking Switzerland myself, I think one of the most charming things about Germanic culture – particularly in Switzerland – is how it’s a culture that values pragmatism as well as passion. They take things seriously, including being emotional and artistic.

Chris Grainger-Herr and IWC might take watches seriously, but they take IWC replica watches store seriously precisely because they’re such an emotional, personal thing… And no matter which side of the rösti ditch you find yourself more drawn to, that’s something we can all appreciate.

IWC Schaffhausen’s Christoph Grainger-Herr On The Launch Of The High Quality IWC Ingenieur Fake Watches UK And The Design Geniuses Of Yesterday Shaping Trends Today

Before helming IWC Schaffhausen, Christoph Grainger-Herr was already familiar with the brand’s inner workings—quite literally. As an architect, Grainger-Herr played a pivotal role in refurbishing the company’s manufacture, laying the foundations for the future while preserving the brand’s rich heritage.

In a candid conversation with Tatler, Grainger-Herr provides insights into the watchmaking industry including the role of culture in crafting their design strategy, the inspiration behind the new cheap UK replica IWC Ingenieur watches, and the enduring influence of legendary designers like Gerald Genta and Dieter Rams.

How important is culture when planning luxury IWC fake watches’ design strategy? And how does it affect decision-making when launching a new watch?

I think anything that is a nonessential, emotional product that our customers buy for joy, for self-expression, is ultimately very closely rooted in culture. And for us, this is always the starting point. To feel where the global market is at, to feel where the trends are at, you really have to travel, you have to be curious and explore what makes people tick.

That’s why a lot of these cross influences are coming in our watch design. Today, people are reconnecting with the analogue even though they are surrounded by digital, AI and the metaverse. And that really formed the context for the Swiss made IWC Ingenieur replica watches created by Gérald Genta back in the day [1974]. It’s a combination of product design, technical content and a story that you can experience and immerse yourself in. That makes the experience of a product like this so much richer than it just being a watch that tells the time.

Where does IWC seek inspiration?

This year we’re celebrating not only Genta as probably the most famous and talented best IWC copy watches designer of all time, but also people like Dieter Rams, who really was famous for his Braun industrial design of the 1970s and 80s and who created a lot of the inspiration for what we see today: iPhones, iPods and the like. Rams’s transistor radio, his clear inspiration for the iPod, the calculator he designed is still in every iPhone application today.

Similarly, [we are inspired by] Bruno Sacco at Mercedes-Benz, a designer who really took the classical design language of Mercedes-Benz radically forward in the 1970s, creating spaceage-inspired futuristic vehicles, and all new technology as well. That is really a moment we’re celebrating here at the launch of the top IWC Ingenieur replica watches.

Is there one watch which holds a special place in your heart because of an interesting backstory?

I always dreamt of [owning] an original Big Pilot Slow Beat—the original 2002 luxury IWC Big Pilot super clone watches in stainless steel. And when we installed a new generation of software that will give us a global stock view, I asked a colleague to see if anybody still had original wholesale replica IWC Big Pilot watches. There was one somewhere in Asia and a colleague kindly brought it back for me, and my wife gifted it to me for Christmas. So that was amazing. It was a first generation, iconic piece, and to have that new, almost ten years after it was launched, was very special.

The Rock Spotted Wearing Luxury Swiss Fake IWC Schaffhausen’s Most Interesting New Watches UK

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, a famously large dude, normally likes wearing very large IWC replica watches for sale. But his latest horological investment is somewhat on the smaller side – but it packs no less of a punch.

Anything The Rock touches turns to gold – whether that’s his myriad investments or box office figures for his movies (well, except for maybe Black Adam…) Case in point: the XFL, the American football minor league the 51-year-old former wrestler and action movie star invested in last year, which has just pulled off a successful championship game after being brought back from the dead.

The Rock was all smiles for the match between the Arlington Renegades and DC Defenders in San Antonio, Texas over the weekend – which was an action-packed display of spring football and a turning point for the once-ailing XFL.

I’d be smiling too if I had brand-new perfect fake IWC Schaffhausen Ingenieur Automatic 40 watches in black (ref. IW328901) on my wrist, too. Mark my lips: now that The Rock’s worn it, we reckon this bad boy will turn to gold, too…

Unveiled at Watches & Wonders Geneva earlier this year and inspired by the 1976 Ingenieur SL ‘Jumbo’ thought up by legendary watch designer Gérald Genta, this new take on top replica IWC’s engineer’s watches is the integrated bracelet luxury sports watch that watch fans have been crying out for.

The new Swiss made IWC Ingenieur copy watches, aside from having an awesome tapered integrated bracelet, features a new bezel design with five functional screws, an intriguing checkerboard dial texture and is now powered by the the IWC manufacture calibre 32111, which boasts a hefty 120-hour (5 day) power reserve plus 100m of water-resistance.

The Rock is a big fan of cheap UK IWC super clone watches, and has a few of the Swiss brand’s creations in his collection – most notably, a Big Pilot’s Watch ref. IW501015 as well as a Portugieser Chronograph. He normally likes pretty big pieces, so it’s interesting to see him opt for the comparatively slight 40mm high quality IWC Ingenieur replica watches instead.

UK Top 5 IWC Ingenieur References Replica Watches Online

In this series, we take one classic watch and choose our five favorite references ever produced. Four of these references will be based on the historical importance of the specific watch in the grand scheme of things. Though there may be some overlap, it’s not a question of which references are the most collectible or of the highest value on the market. The fifth pick is our favorite that considers the current market price and collectability, potentially making it a sleeper reference. As such, the last pick could be described as our wild card. This week, we’ll look at the AAA UK IWC Ingenieur replica watches’ history. What came before Genta’s Ingenieur, and what came after? These are our five favorite IWC Ingenieurs.

IWC’s main attraction for 2023 is the return of the Ingenieur modeled after the Gérald Genta-designed Ingenieur SL “Jumbo” ref. 1832. That watch was introduced in 1976 and is part of Genta’s famous Royal Oak, Nautilus, and Ingenieur trilogy. For many fans, this year marks the long-awaited revival of a classic, a watch that should have always been part of the IWC collection. But the history of the Ingenieur goes back a lot further than Genta’s version of high quality fake IWC’s engineer watches. The legacy started back in 1954 when the Schaffhausen brand introduced the first Ingenieur.

The concept of an engineer’s watch

IWC’s Ingenieur was simple in its concept but groundbreaking in its execution. The engineer’s watch was developed by Albert Pellaton for scientific, technical, and exploration purposes. The main features necessary were precision timekeeping, antimagnetic properties, and substantial water resistance. While such a watch was perfect for scientists, engineers, and explorers, essentially, it could be a great daily watch that anyone could wear without having to worry that it would break. It started a great legacy of well-designed perfect IWC replica watches that have become much-loved among watch collectors. But which are the five best references ever produced? In all honesty, it’s hard to pick just five. IWC produced such an abundance of great models that they could easily lead to a list of ten. But as we only have five spots, we went for our absolute favorites. Let’s check them out.

Replica IWC Ingenieur ref. 666A/AD Watches

As usual, we’ll start our list with the very first reference, the IWC Ingenieur 666. The famous Albert Pellaton, who developed the Pellaton Winding System, started working on the first Ingenieur in the early 1950s to create an everyday watch for engineers. As such, it needed to be a perfect daily wearer with a set of specs that could handle the challenges that engineers faced. It resulted in the first Ingenieur ref. 666, which debuted in 1955. The best IWC copy watches featured a 36.5mm case that was 13.2mm thick. It was based on the case that IWC used for its famous Mark XI. The substantial thickness was mainly caused by the Faraday cage inside the case. This soft iron cage protected the movement against magnetic fields up to 80,000 amperes per meter. On top of that, the watch was water resistant to 100 meters.

The first model had two different references. The first was the no-date ref. 666A, and the other was the ref. 666AD with a date. The dateless version came with IWC caliber 852, and the version with a date was powered by caliber 8521. Both these movements operated at 19,800vph, had a 42-hour power reserve, and featured the Pellaton winding system. The Swiss made replica IWC watches came with either a black or white silvered dial and a set of luminescent dauphine hands. Several dials from the first series (1955–1959) featured numerals at 12 and 6 o’clock. But there were versions without the numerals too, as well as ones with numerals at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock. The steel models came with either a leather strap or a steel bracelet. The 18K gold version on a leather strap looks super classy.

An improved version of the ref. 666

The next iteration of the ref. 666 was introduced in 1959 and used an updated movement. The new versions had the same case as the first version, but inside, IWC equipped them with the updated caliber 853 for the no-date version and caliber 8531 for the version with a date. This version of the Ingenieur stayed in production until 1967 when it was replaced by the new cheap fake IWC Ingenieur ref. 866 watches. In those eight years, IWC produced different variations of the ref. 666 with a black or silver dial. As was usual in that era, there were quite a few different executions of the dials, so you’ll see versions with pie-pan dials as well as ones with different markers. What is always present, however, is the great style of this classic IWC Ingenieur.

Fake IWC Ingenieur ref. 866A/AD Watches

In 1967, IWC introduced the new Ingenieur ref. 866, which replaced the ref. 666. This new model had a slightly bigger 37mm case with increased water resistance to 120 meters. It featured new hands and came with new indices as well. Once again, IWC offered the stainless steel model on a leather strap or a stainless steel bracelet. And if you ask me, you should always try and get these vintage wholesale replica IWC Ingenieur watches on the bracelet because they look stunning. The gold model came on a leather strap only. IWC offered the ref. 866 with a wider variety of dial colors. The silver and black dial remained on offer, and IWC added a blue and gilt dial. In another slight change compared to their predecessors, all of the new models featured sunray dials for some extra style. Once again, there are variations with different indices as well.

A notable difference was the script IWC logo of the first models versus the later applied IWC lettering combined with the script logo. I love seeing the latter versions for their great style. Besides a different case, the biggest change was a new movement. IWC equipped the ref. 866A with its caliber 854 from 1967 until 1970. From 1970 until 1976, the brand used the slightly improved caliber 854B. The ref. 866AD came with the caliber 8541 at first and the updated caliber 8541B later. What remained, however, was that recognizable design. The Ingenieur ref. 866 is a favorite among collectors because it is the most evolved version of the first Ingenieur. It is also the inspiration for IWC’s previous-generation Ingenieur, which was discontinued following the introduction of the new Genta-inspired version. The ref. 866 is a great classic that goes for roughly €6.5K to €14K.

IWC Ingenieur SL “Jumbo” ref. 1832 Replica Watches

Our third spot is reserved for the famous China super clone IWC Ingenieur SL “Jumbo ref. 1832 watches. This Genta-designed icon marked a big change in the history of the Ingenieur. Gérald Genta abandoned the classic looks of the models that came before and introduced a completely new sporty look. As we all know, alongside the Royal Oak and the Nautilus, it is part of his famous trilogy of modern sports watches with integrated bracelets. I have explained before that what I adore about Genta’s trilogy is the exploration of shapes, from octagonal with the Royal Oak to square with the Nautilus and round with the Ingenieur. Because of its most traditional shape, the Ingenieur is also the least exciting of the three. But in 1976, this silhouette was still very new and exceptional.

Genta kept the important details in mind when designing the new Ingenieur. So the lightning bolt logo is still there, and he also had to design a case with antimagnetic properties. Thus, he wasn’t able to design a slim profile. But as it was an engineer’s watch, he had to work with the story that was already in place, and he did so to tremendous effect. The new Ingenieur featured a 40mm stainless steel case that was just over 12mm thick with an integrated bracelet. For the dial, Genta came up with a graph-paper-like texture that referenced the engineer’s character of the best quality IWC replica watches playfully and subtly. The IWC logo sat at 12 o’clock and served as a proud hour marker. This is something we saw Genta do with the Royal Oak as well.

The magic is in the sum of its parts

IWC equipped the watch with the antimagnetic self-winding caliber 8541ES. It featured a Pellaton winding mechanism and came with a date indicator at 3 o’clock. The movement was placed inside a Faraday cage to protect it from magnetic forces up to roughly 1,000 gauss. The caliber operated at 19,800vph and had a 40-hour power reserve and an antimagnetic escapement. For most of us, including me, this is the quintessential Ingenieur. It was the perfect next step in the evolution of luxury fake IWC’s engineer watches. I wrote about the watch last year, asking for a return of this classic. In the article, I also explained my personal connection to the watch. It makes this watch a very special watch for me. Expect to see prices between €25K and €40K for this classic.

IWC Ingenieur ref. 3227 Fake Watches

Genta’s Ingenieur and the iterations that followed it were far from great commercial successes. The quick rise in popularity of quartz IWC replica watches shop turned out to be a big issue for IWC in selling the Ingenieur. While smaller 32mm and 34mm versions of the Ingenieur stayed in production until roughly 2000, the bigger Ingenieur models were phased out in the early 1980s. It took until 2005 for IWC to introduce a new Ingenieur to continue the legacy of the famous ref. 1832. That’s when the brand introduced the ref. 3227, much to the delight of the Ingenieur fans. The watch introduced a bigger 42mm case that was also rather chunky at 14.5mm thick. And on the stainless steel bracelet, it was a heavy watch too. But it was a well-designed new Ingenieur that respected the past gracefully.

The dial featured a texture inspired by the classic graph paper structure. The dial still looks amazing today and has a tremendous depth to it. Additionally, IWC brought back the 12 and 6 numerals of the original ref. 666. And, of course, the lower half of the dial featured the Ingenieur logo. Inside the chunky case, IWC equipped the watch with the in-house caliber 80110. This automatic movement operates at 28,800vph and has a 44-hour power reserve. When it comes to dial colors, the watch came standard with a black dial with white printing.

Different dial colors for the limited editions

But IWC also created a small number of spectacular limited editions. The ref. IW322705 is a limited edition for the IWC Collectors’ Forum with a special anthracite dial and engraved back. And for the Japanese market, IWC created 200 pieces with a salmon dial that also looks stunning. These two versions easily fetch €10K nowadays. The regular black-dial version goes for roughly between €4.5K and €7.5K. For that money, you will get the Ingenieur that continued the legacy of Genta’s version in a modern way.

Despite its bigger size and chunky case, this is still a great piece that was important in keeping the Ingenieur name alive for the four years it was in production. IWC did create the smaller 40mm ref. 3228 in 2008 that came with the in-house caliber 80111. That version was produced in a limited run of 600 pieces with a white dial and rose gold details. While I am not the biggest fan of the color combination of the dial and the hands and indices, it is a perfect size and thinner at 13.5mm. This is what the 2023 fake IWC Ingenieur watches could have been and maybe should have been when it was revived in 2005.

Replica IWC Ingenieur SL “Jumbo” Quartz ref. 3303 Watches

We could have gone for multiple 1:1 IWC replica watches for our final pick. But the one special piece that I think is highly underrated is the IWC Ingenieur SL “Jumbo” Quartz ref. 3303. Together with the mechanical ref. 1832 SL “Jumbo,” IWC also released a quartz version of the Ingenieur with ref. 3003 in 1976. Other than the movement, it was the same watch because the case design allowed for either a mechanical or a quartz movement. Some Ingenieur owners swapped their mechanical movement for a quartz version, which was impossible with the second-generation quartz Ingenieur ref. 3303. IWC decided to update the movement to the much slimmer IWC quartz caliber 2250, which was, essentially, a renamed ETA 955.112.

As a result, IWC had to update the case and dial design, and the brand did that perfectly. The overall balance in the design of the dial and the bezel was optimized. Additionally, IWC redesigned the bracelet to look slightly more refined. Essentially, it is a slimmer and better version of Genta’s design. Between 1980 and 1985, IWC produced only 369 pieces of the IWC Ingenieur SL Quartz. Of those 369 pieces, 149 were produced in steel. An additional 160 were produced in steel and gold, with another 56 in full yellow gold and four in yellow gold with diamonds. So it’s a rare piece that you don’t see a lot. But the steel version goes for a lot less than the original ref. 1832. It makes sense as it is quartz and not an original Genta design. Nevertheless, it is a thing of great beauty that goes for roughly between €10K and €17K.

Honorable mentions

When it comes to the Ingenieur, some so many more models are worth checking out. The first is the ref. 3239 from 2013. It was the successor to the ref. 3227 that I talked about earlier. It came with a 40mm case that was only 10mm thick, making it a great follow-up to the previous version that had better proportions. But when it came to the dial, IWC steered away from a graph-paper-inspired pattern and presented the ref. 3239 with a much simpler dial that does not have the same impact. On top of that, the brand resorted to a reworked ETA 2892-A2 to make sure it fit the case. This doesn’t make it a bad watch, but it’s not as impactful as the other models on this list.

The last honorable mention goes to the Ingenieur Officially Certified Chronometer ref. 3521. This model was produced between 1993 and 2000 and was a follow-up to the series of smaller Ingenieurs from the 1980s with slimmer cases that collectors also call the “Skinny Ingenieurs.” The first “Skinny Ingenieur” was the ref. 3305 that featured a smaller 34mm case than the ref. 3303, which I just talked about. This ref. 3521 from the 1990s also featured a 34mm case that was only 8.8mm thick. So if you can pull off a smaller watch, this might be a very good option, especially knowing that IWC turned to Jaeger-LeCoultre for the caliber 887/2. It is based on the JLC 889/2 but gilt with blued screws, and it came equipped with a platinum rotor weight. It truly is a stunner that can be yours for between €5K and €10K.

Final thoughts

There you have it — seven great IWC Ingenieur fake watches site that are part of the bigger Ingenieur family. Writing this article made me realize once again that there is so much more to the Ingenieur history than we tend to think, and a new chapter has now been added with the latest Ingenieur. But we realize that you might not agree with all the picks for this list. That’s why we would love this to be the start of a bigger discussion.